Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh yes.

Alright baby... I'm back... Praise the Lord. All Glory to Jesus!!

I'm gonna start a new blog. Yea, on tumblr. but it's not gonna be my name this time.

I feel I do much better when it's not about jeromechua.

I cant handle fame, if that's one thing I learned. But i know God's gonna make me famous. I just know it. all for His glory, but for now. Im not ready at all.

Anyways... I really've got to close this blog once and for all.

Time to move on to a whole new chapter of my life.

My twenties. It's gonna be a chapter verse. kinda name.

Here goes man. This is officially, officially the second last post on this blog. I'm gonna start a new blog soon.

yep. Ill definitely try to put in more photography, my own. yep.

and soon enough songs. Yep. Praise the Lord Jesus.

I never never expected my Poly life to end this fast. God has been faithful

as always. He truly truly is. I've got nothing much to say, But to ponder all these things in my heart and to constantly remind myself though it seems dark, the sun is shining darn brightly.

God bless you, I really thank you whoever you are. If you have faithfully read one whole post of my long long posts. THANK YOU. I APPRECIATE YOU.

God bless you with wisdom, grace, confidence in Christ, and yourself and joy and peace and protection and favour in all that you do. Amen.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


"Living by faith is not what you do every once in a while; it's a daily walk with God. "

- Mark Hankins, The Spirit of Faith

I guess that's why, everytime my eyes are of Jesus and His grace for me that's it for Jerome chua. totally gone. but yea, everytime i just look and behold His glory and majesty, Im higher than ill ever be.